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A master class of our sky, constellations and stars, the same that inspire theories about the origin and reasons for the creation of the Nazca Lines. Evenings full of science and romance under the stars.

Above The Nazca Lines
First, you will learn about the constellations and brightest stars in the Nazca and Ica sky. We will teach you the best method to recognize and locate the main figures and stars. Then, sit under our star simulator and watch the night sky as seen by the ancient Andean civilizations. Participate in an interesting discussion about the different interpretations of the origin, usefulness and meaning of the enigmatic Nazca Lines.

Schedule: Every night
Duration: 45 minutes
Languages: English, Spanish and French.

Under Las Dunas Sky
You will get to know the constellations under the sky of Las Dunas, and learn the best method to recognize the brightest stars in the Ica nights. We will discuss their characteristics, color, temperature, size and distances, as well as the origin and death of these stars. You will learn how to orientate using the Southern Cross.
* If the weather allows, you will observe the sky with our powerful telescopes.

Schedule: Every night
Duration: 45 minutes
Languages: Spanish.