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Tourist attractions Ica

Huacachina Pond
A mirage in the desert. An oasis. The beautiful and mysterious Huacachina Pond. Surrounding by dunes, palm trees and guarangos. Its healing waters come from filtrations of sulphurous and saline matter. Only 5 Km. to the west of the city of Ica. You can simply row on its calm waters or slide down the dunes surrounding it.


Wine Cellars
From Pisco and Quebranta, form Mosto Verde and Añejo. The famous and delicious Ica wines await you in a special journey through the best wine cellars of the region. Tasting them and being overwhelmed by their taste will be just one of the experiences of this trip; you can also learn about how it is made, the maceration and finally the pipe aging. From the most recognized cellars to the most picturesque and handmade, seeing the Ica wine process is an experience you just can't miss.


Achirana del Inca
A war to conquer lands. The love between an Inca heir and the beautiful daughter of the local Curaca. Tupac Yupanqui fell in love with Chumbillalla. Their love prevented the armed confrontation. To show his love, the son of Pachacutec ordered the building of a great canal, 30km. wide, which irrigated approximately 11,000 acres of crops.
Only 15 minutes by car, 18 kilometers northeast of Ica you can still see this ancient irrigation canal which today provides water to those same 11,000 acres of crops.


Town of Cachiche de Cachiche
Witches crafting charms, witches healing every kind of malady. Since the 19th century, the town of Cachiche has been known for its witches. If you walk through the nearby woods you can still find a monument in honor of the good deeds of the Witches of Cachiche. They say today there are still people who carry on with this dark practice. If you want to see for yourself, just head 4 km southwest of Ica.


Los Frailes stone Wood
A turtle, a monkey's head, or maybe a toad, better yet a fish. In this awesome stone wood your imagination will be the guide. The craftsman was the wind who for centuries patiently carved these amazing rocks located 5 Km to the east of the city.