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Tourist attractions Ica

Huacachina Lagoon (Laguna de Huacachina)
A mirage in the desert, an oasis. The beautiful and mysterious Huacachina Lagoon is surrounded by dunes, palm trees and huarangos. Its waters of healing and medicinal properties come from filtrations of sulphurous and saline materials. Located only 5 kilometers west of the city of Ica, You can simply row through its calm waters or slide down the surrounding dunes.


Wine Cellars
Pisco and Quebranta, Mosto Verde and Añejo. The famous and flavorful wines of Ica await you in a special tour of the best wineries in the region. To be delighted by their taste is just one of the experiences of this tour, where you will also discover the process of elaboration, maceration and aging in casks. From the most renowned wineries to the most picturesque and artisanal, tasting wines in Ica is an experience that you can not miss.


Inca's Achirana (La Achirana del Inca)
A war to conquer lands. The love between the Inca’s heir and the beautiful daughter of the local Curaca. Tupac Yupanqui fell in love with Chumbillalla, and this prevented an armed confrontation. To show his love, the son of Pachacutec ordered the construction of a great channel 30 kilometers long, irrigating about 11,000 hectares. Only 15 minutes by car, 18 kilometers northeast of Ica, you can still see this ancient irrigation channel which currently provides water to those same 11,000 hectares.


Town of Cachiche
Witches preparing charms, curing all kinds of maladies. Since the XIX Century, the people of Cachiche are known for its witches. If you walk through the nearby forest, you can still find a monument honoring the good deeds performed by the Witches of Cachiche. It is claimed that currently there are people that maintain hidden and alive these ancient practices. If you want to verify this, travel 4 km. southwest of Ica.


Los Frailes Stone Forest
A turtle, monkey head, or maybe a toad, better yet a fish. In this amazing stone forest your imagination will be the best guide. The artisan was the wind, carving patiently for centuries these amazing stones. Located only 5 kilometers east of the city.