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When you arrive to Las Dunas, you enter a space where fun and entertainment are a key factor during your stay. We have designed the best plan of activities you can imagine for children and adults. A program full of action throughout the day, that starts in the morning climbing the dunes to slide downhill on our sand boards, a good dose of adrenaline to begin the day Upon returning, a refreshing drink at the bar and immediately swimming in one of four pools and participating in our fun water games The day flies between slides, streams of water and sun. If you enjoy adventures, you will try our climbing wall or compete with the guys in a mini soccer tournament. At night, after dinner, family bingo or karaoke for those who singing well or bad is not important. The quality of our night shows on weekends, surprise all who visit us and leave you delighted, eager for more.

Do not forget to ask for your Dunas Money Bills every time you participate in an activity. The bills sum up to participate in the Auction for prizes, including a weekend stay at the Hotel.



At Hotel Las Dunas there is something for every one of our guests. Las Dunas, a full amusement experience.